Professional web design services by Vexelfire

Custom web site templates

We design the "shell" for your web site, providing you with a template for new pages.

With this template, you can easily add pages and content to your site without having to pay for additional development. The general layout of your site is complete in the template; you handle the content as needed.

Aspects to this service may include:

  • Integrating logo(s) you may already have
  • New logo design
  • Completely new layout, or an improved and modernized version of your existing site.

We use professional design products by Adobe to design web site templates, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. However, you can use almost any HTML editor to create and maintain pages based on the templates we create for you.

Complete site maintenance

If editing your own site based on templates doesn't appeal to you, we can also handle the complete integration and publishing of your content for your entire site.

In this case, you provide the content you want integrated into the site (such as text in word processing documents, etc). We will completely package your web site, and if you desire, upload it to your server for you.

Web site facelift

Already have a web site in place? Does it look like it's trapped in the 90s?

Let us give your web site a facelift. We can quickly bring your site into the 21st century.

Practical and Effective

We understand what makes a web site work.

  • Engage readers with a great first impression utilizing elegant design.
  • Form and Function: No unnecessary, tacky bells and whistles that might "look cool" but don't actually add to the site in a meaningful way.
  • Build for people, and the search engines will follow. The best design is always for people first, but you can't ignore the needs of search engines. We make proper use of web standards and document elements during design which ensure that your web pages will also be read by search engines.
  • Make it look right for everyone: We design using XHTML and CSS standards, ensuring that your web site will display properly in today's web browsers and future browsers alike. We make sure your layout will render properly in all commonly used web browsers.

Please contact us if you are interested in our services.